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Sassy collars for your cat!

delphine courier

Inspired by the sassiness of my own cat, Gaspard (derived from the Dutch word ‘kastaar’, meaning rascal), I created a collection of contemporary cat collars, each with a cat-like quote. Combining the wilfulness and majestic nature of cats and a stylish cat accessory into one.

Cattitude - the characteristic attitude of your cat.

I’m not lazy, I just sleep before I get tired - remember that cat’s are always two steps ahead of you.

Time spend with me is never wasted - so, put down that phone or tablet and come play with me.

I peed on the hamster - well, do I need to explain this? These things tend to happen sometimes.


The collars are unique and handmade in Belgium pieces, produced in limited editions from best quality saddle leather that can stand indoor and outdoor conditions.  Each collar contains a stainless brass buckle and a safety release breakaway buckle, so they can break free if they get stuck. You never know with cats.

The collars come in three different colours, so there’s always a colour that matches your cat! 

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