I am a cat owner. I am also a home owner. As far as my cat is concerned – and she has amply demonstrated this opinion on my rug, my couch and my closets – the latter is utterly subordinate to the first. The people who manufacture cat products seem to agree with her: the last time I visited a pet shop I left it with a dizzying headache from all the ugly, furry cat furniture bearing down on me from the shelves. When I got back to my modern apartment I set out to create something that would satisfy both my passion for cats and my taste in design, something that would be fun for Pistache to play with but would also go well with my interior.


Green, yes we are!

Safety and responsibility for environment begins at the design stage of each product, the specification of materials and components, right through to the production method. We work with natural and hence biodegradable materials like cardboard, wood, leather and non-cat-toxic bio based paint. Bye  bye plastic! 

A Belgian design

Everything is designed and developed in Belgium by graphic designer Delphine Courier. For it's production, we collaborate with different Belgian ventures. Budalab Kortijk, for example, made it possible to start with a limited production. 

Gaspard & Pistache favorite objects

In the first part of the design, cats are our source of inspiration, so everything is developed from the behavior of the cat. For most of the designs, I went for cardboard as a material because it's environmentally friendly and, well, it’s Gaspard & Pistache (my cats) favorite material for all sitting on, rolling on, rubbing against and other this-is-mine activities. If you are a catlover, you'll certainly agree. 


We welcome all wholesale inquiries and can be reached by email at miauw(at)designforpussies.com